Terms of use

General terms of use for the Internet data portal and for accessing and downloading items in the database of iFurn GmbH, Planckstrasse 24, 32052 Herford, Germany, legally represented by its managing director Winfried Dell.

iFurn provides Internet services and operates an Internet data portal at the domain www.ifurn.net. www.ifurn.net is a platform and online database for the furniture industry. The database primarily contains information on relevant technical data and products for furniture production or the development plans of the suppliers to the furniture industry. Usage of the database is based exclusively on the following terms of use.

§ 1 Subject

    • In accordance with the terms of use, iFurn makes the contents of the “Online database for the furniture industry” available to customers free of charge and without any further obligations from the website www.ifurn.net for the purposes of research, information download and transfer via an IT connection to the IT systems currently supported by iFurn (e.g. PPS, ERP, CAD/CAM). iFurn will provide customers with a non-binding notification of how to continue using the database no later than 4 weeks before expiry of the free testing period. The customer is entitled to download individual items from iFurn’s “Online database for the furniture industry” onto his own computer.
    • The customer must select a password in order to be able to find and download items from the database and must keep this password secret and safe from third-party access. In addition, the customer must ensure that all users within his own company also observe this obligation. The customer undertakes to inform iFurn immediately of any misuse of the access data or password. iFurn is entitled to block access to the database in the event of misuse.
      The customer is responsible for ensuring that his computer meets the technical requirements.
    • The customer is equally responsible for the connection between his computer and iFurn’s server and for all necessary technical installations. The customer is accountable for maintaining the security of his own data and protecting himself from computer viruses. iFurn is not liable for any damage caused by viruses which could have been blocked by installing the appropriate software.
    • iFurn reserves the right to change the domain and to change, expand or suspend the database at any time; it may also exclude certain customers from the database altogether. iFurn undertakes to update and expand the database regularly. Any decisions taken on the areas and extent of any updates or on which items are to be deleted, altered and reinserted will be at the discretion of iFurn.

§ 2 Rights of use

    • The customer is granted a basic, non-exhaustive, limited right to use the “Online database for the furniture industry” until 31.12.2009, which does not extend to third parties. The customer is entitled to search the database and download individual items from iFurn’s database for its own purposes. The customer is not, however, entitled to reproduce the downloaded items – except for its own security purposes – or to transfer them to third parties without iFurn’s approval.
    • Automated queries are not permitted. All forms of commercial distribution of the items in the database require iFurn’s written consent.
      iFurn is entitled to carry out the technical measures required to prevent any usage beyond the contractually stipulated period and, in particular, to install corresponding access blocks. Should any situation arise in which usage of the database continues over and beyond the agreed period or items in the database are used unlawfully, iFurn shall be entitled to review such usage and, if necessary, block access to the items in the database.

§ 3 Customer obligations

    • 1. The customer may use the database for its intended purpose only. In particular, the customer undertakes

      • not to use misuse the database’s access possibilities, especially in contradiction to § 2;
      • to check inbound e-mails and database queries for viruses with the greatest possible care;
      • to observe statutory, official and technical regulations, and netiquette (internet-based rules);
      • to inform iFurn immediately of any misuse of its database.

    • The customer is obliged to inform iFurn of any obvious defects or damage to the database.

§ 4 Guarantee/Liability

    • Free use of the database is granted in good faith and at the customer’s own risk.
    • iFurn does not guarantee the usefulness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of the available data, or uninterrupted access to the database or the permanent availability and downloadability of data stored in the database.
      Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the parts’ dimensions listed in the database and the purchased parts are identical. In particular, there can be no guarantee for any minor interference while searching and downloading or regarding the contents of the data (e.g. spelling mistakes) that do not significantly diminish the usefulness of the database. The same applies in the event of deficiencies with the customer’s computer, interruptions of the communication lines or the customer’s misuse of the data.
    • iFurn accepts no liability whatsoever for the availability of the database, for the correctness and completeness of the data or for technical deficiencies. In other respects, iFurn only accepts liability in line with legal requirements.

§ 5 Data protection

    • iFurn keeps a record of the customer’s use and account data and stores them for the legally allowed period of time. Upon request, the customer has a right to inspect the stored data free of charge.
    • In accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act, the customer is hereby informed that iFurn will store his full address and other order-related details in machine-readable form.
    • The customer must register by filling in the online form in order to be able to download data. iFurn guarantees that this data will be handled confidentially.

§ 6 Miscellaneous

    • iFurn reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time after giving prior notice.
    • The customer accepts these terms of use by clicking on the field marked “Acceptance of the terms of use”.

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