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ambigence develops ideas and promotes innovations in the furniture industry and successfully implements them with its partners - always following the vision of the perfect fusion of design and technology in furniture. The think tank focuses on the development of new technology and application platforms with high innovation potential and not on the development of individual products. To this end, the company invests in technical feasibility analyses, marketing, network coordination and, in particular, a broad property rights portfolio. Each licensee, for its part, is offered a space for its own innovations and property rights. The aim is to achieve broad implementation of these innovations in the furniture industry and to promote cross-company cooperation. ambigence finances itself through the exploitation of its property rights by granting rights of use.

ambigence GmbH & Co. KG
Goebenstraße 3-7
32052 Herford
+49 5221 2754164
Contact person:
Mr Marvin Götza
Technology Manager
+49 162 764 4350