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PointLineCAD uses iFurn Composer

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Use all data formats via tapio now.

iFurn supports all designers via the tapio ecosystem.

With iFurn, you can quickly and conveniently find the right, correct fitting: iFurn digitally prepares the original product data from fitting suppliers.

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The synergy ambigence & iFurn

Design goes digital

ambigence connects to give designers new freedom. Fittingly, iFurn provides the digital interface for 3D product data that brings suppliers and designers together, laying the foundation for the future of furniture design.

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"High-quality digital product data from suppliers is very important to us." - Alexander Jordan

Find out how the company J. u. A. Frischeis works with iFurn in the video!

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"iFurn offers us security, speed and accuracy of fit" - Klaus Schurig

The managing director of Schurig GmbH reveals the advantages of iFurn!

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iFurn Spotlight

Why is digital better?

Learn how your sales items can be turned into digital data, what services you can use to offer your customers an attractive data service, and how your market penetration can be positively influenced.

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Digital Sales & Services for Fittings with the iFurn Cloud Service

The next level in the digital workflow of furniture production

iFurn prepares the original product data from fitting suppliers digitally. This creates more than just a simple data record – the so-called qualified data contains, among other things, article numbers, parts lists, machining data and drilling pattern information.

The digital article data is then available to designers in the iFurn Cloud – as individual fittings, complete fitting sets or in the catalog.

New! iFurn services are available in the tapio Shop

tapio is a provider of digital solutions and tools for carpenters, furniture manufacturers, and panel processors. From now on, iFurn is also part of tapio's offer! And this is how you use the iFurn services via tapio:

As a tapio user, log in to my tapio or alternatively go to the tapio Shop. In the product overview, select iFurn and book your desired contract period – that's it!

Digital Sales & Services with iFurn

Qualified digital product data from iFurn supports the digital workflow of all furniture manufacturers and makes Digital Sales & Services possible – for suppliers, retailers, CAD software systems and designers.

For supplier

It is so simple tp provide designers with digital product data.

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For designers

It is so easy to find the right product data for your application.

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For CAD software manufacturers

The new CAD function for digital fittings

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Some of the main suppliers integrated their product data in iFurn already.

Leading suppliers already integrate their product data in iFurn, which is used by innovative furniture manufacturers from more than 50 countries.

By providing Häfele processing data on iFurn, we support manufacturers on their way to digitalization.

Florian Ohmenhäuser
Leading Project Manager digital furniture planning Häfele GmbH & Co. KG

Consistent and current fitting data are an indispensable base for the customer's work processes. The iFurn strategy provides optimum support for this requirement and is thus an important communication channel for Hettich to the customer.

Sven Müller
Head of eService at Hettich Management Service GmbH

Thanks iFurn we are close to our customers.

Samuel Hänni
Head of Marketing & Innovation LAMELLO AG

Designers have more freedom to innovate using OVVO products that connect at joints that aren’t possible with bolts, nails and screws – iFurn helps them see what’s possible with OVVO.

Brendan Phillips
Managing Director/CEO at OVVO