iFurn Spotlight

Why is digital better?

Learn how your sales items can be turned into digital data, what services you can use to offer your customers an attractive data service, and how your market penetration can be positively influenced.

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"High-quality digital product data from suppliers is very important to us." - Alexander Jordan

Find out how the company J. u. A. Frischeis works with iFurn in the video!

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The synergy ambigence & iFurn

Design goes digital

ambigence connects to give designers new freedom. Fittingly, iFurn provides the digital interface for 3D product data that brings suppliers and designers together, laying the foundation for the future of furniture design.

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"iFurn offers us security, speed and accuracy of fit" - Klaus Schurig

The managing director of Schurig GmbH reveals the advantages of iFurn!

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iFurn Cloud-Service

Digital product data from furniture suppliers

Providing producers with digital product data is so simple.

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The interface between supplier and designer

iFurn cloud service for digital product data

iFurn is a cloud service for suppliers and designers, which is specially tailored to the needs of the furniture industry. Suppliers make their digital product data available in iFurn and designers can download it from iFurn. iFurn data is used in many areas - from sales and design to production and beyond in product and furniture configurators.

Providing digital product data has never been so easy!

  • iFurn digitally prepares the original product data from suppliers and makes it available in the iFurn Cloud.
  • Designers then use a catalog interface to access this supplied product data and download it directly into their design via the iFurn cloud - in any format they choose.

Thanks to its flexible format output, iFurn is also an attractive solution for software manufacturers who want to supplement their CAD software with product data output.

iFurn Composer

Watch the highlights of the Composer right now!

The digital iFurn product data are diverse.

Find out with one click what is behind it:

  1. Materials and surfaces

    Textures of materials and surfaces give a construction an attractive and realistic impression.
    Category: Component
  2. Drawers

    The right systems for individual design situations - in this way entire drawer systems can be easily integrated.
    Category: Concept
  3. Lighting

    Suitable cut-outs, e.g. for lighting, can be quickly and easily inserted with digital iFurn product data.
    Category: System
  4. Hinges

    Individual parts such as hinges do not have to be laboriously placed, but fit into the construction with ease.
    Category: Concept
  5. Flaps

    The animation can be used e.g. to present a flap system not only in design and execution, but also in its function and to set it in an excellent scene.
    Category: Concept
  6. Corner cupboards

    Thanks to iFurn anyCAD, the digital fitting data of e.g. a corner cabinet can be imported and processed in all common CAD programs.
    Category: Concept
  7. Sliding doors

    All relevant technical features are supplied digitally, even for complex sliding door systems.
    Category: Concept
  8. Handles

    Accessories such as handles are available in a wide range, are easy to find and simple to insert.
    Category: System
  9. Edge material

    Even details like edge material are available in iFurn and complete the realistic impression of a design.
    Category: Component
  10. Cabinet pull-outs

    iFurn also supplies drilling patterns and manufacturing lists for complex fittings such as cabinet pull-outs for production.
    Category: Concept
  11. Devices

    Thanks to the digital installation dimensions, devices can also be easily integrated into the construction.
    Category: Concept

Your benefits with iFurn:

Suppliers offer the best access to their product data via the iFurn cloud. Thanks to the digitalized data, they can

  •     provide a broad data portfolio for designers in digital form.
  •     reach designers directly.
  •     make new products available on the market much faster.
  •     offer designers a special service to optimize their processes.
  •     support the digital workflow of furniture productions.
  •     make product adaptations very easy.

Designers work efficiently with the digital product data from the iFurn cloud and implement even unusual customer requests effortlessly, because

  • they quickly and easily get exactly the product data they need for their design.
  • they integrate all design data including visualization and processing information directly into their design.
  • they use the data consistently from sales to production.
  • updates of master data can be imported quickly and easily.
  • they expand their own data storage and save costs.

For Supplier

It is so simple tp provide designers with digital product data.

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For Designers

It is so easy to find the right product data for your application.

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Some of the main suppliers integrated their product data in iFurn already.

Leading suppliers already integrate their product data in iFurn, which is used by innovative furniture manufacturers from more than 50 countries.

By providing Häfele processing data on iFurn, we support manufacturers on their way to digitalization.

Florian Ohmenhäuser
Leading Project Manager digital furniture planning Häfele GmbH & Co. KG

Consistent and current fitting data are an indispensable base for the customer's work processes. The iFurn strategy provides optimum support for this requirement and is thus an important communication channel for Hettich to the customer.

Sven Müller
Head of eService at Hettich Management Service GmbH

Thanks iFurn we are close to our customers.

Samuel Hänni
Head of Marketing & Innovation LAMELLO AG

Designers have more freedom to innovate using OVVO products that connect at joints that aren’t possible with bolts, nails and screws – iFurn helps them see what’s possible with OVVO.

Brendan Phillips
Managing Director/CEO at OVVO