iFurn Cloud-Service

Digital product data from furniture suppliers

Providing producers with digital product data is so simple.

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iFurn Cloud-Service

Digital product data for furniture producers

Finding the right product data for your design is so easy.

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iFurn cloud service of digital product data from suppliers for furniture producers

Providing and using of product data have never been so easy.

iFurn is a cloud service for suppliers and designers, which is specifically tailored to the needs of the furniture industry. Suppliers simply upload their current original product data into the cloud and make it digitally available. Producers then use an online assistant to search for the delivered product data and download it via the cloud directly into their design - in any format they want.


iFurn simplifies the use of product data significantly.

And this is how simple iFurn works:

Digital is better. Digital is easy. Digital is iFurn.

You are a supplier and would like to make your product data available to producers simply and digitally with a special customer service? 

You are a producer and not only want to be able to find product data quickly, but also integrate it directly into your design and transfer it to production?

Then iFurn is the right solution - as the perfect connection between supplier and designer.

As a supplier, you simply upload your current original product data into the cloud and make it digitally available. 


As a producer, you can quickly find the product data with the online assistant and download it via the cloud directly into your design - in any format. 


For Supplier

It is so simple tp provide producers with digital product data.

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For Producers

It is so easy to find the right product data for your application.

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Some of the main suppliers integrated their product data in iFurn already.

Leading suppliers already integrate their product data in iFurn, which is used by innovative furniture manufacturers from more than 50 countries.

By providing Häfele processing data on iFurn online, we support manufacturers on their way to digitalization.

Florian Ohmenhäuser
Leading Project Manager digital furniture planning Häfele GmbH & Co. KG

Consistent and current fitting data are an indispensable base for the customer's work processes. The iFurn strategy provides optimum support for this requirement and is thus an important communication channel for Hettich to the customer.

Sven Müller
Head of eService at Hettich Management Service GmbH

Thanks iFurn we are close to our customers.

Samuel Hänni
Head of Marketing & Innovation LAMELLO AG

Since 2008 iFurn has been offering online services for the provision and distribution of technical catalogue data of furniture suppliers. The online platform thus complements the product portfolio of imos AG, which develops software solutions for industry and trade with imos iX.