Data services for
furniture design & production

Latest engineering data incl. machining, logic and functional principles.

Novelties for the interzum 2019

ANIreal: Fittings in motion

The data model for furniture fittings contains kinematic information that can be used to realistically animate the furniture parts constructively connected to the fitting. Just one click shows the kinematics of the component and the interior of the furniture opens up to the viewer.

anyCAD: Export in more than 30 CAD formats

A powerful 3D kernel enables import and further processing of iFurn hardware data in all current CAD programs. Via the DataBroker catalogue interface, the fitting is selected and the desired 3D format is chosen in the shopping basket. After a short conversion process, the user receives his fittings in the required format.

An interface between supplier and designer

iFurn is a cloud service, which is in its function especially adapted to the needs of the furniture industry. The data provided can be used in online catalogs, configurators and CAD/CAM solutions.

Ready for design & production

No manual data setup in your system necessary. iFurn provides data including visualization and machining information.
Ready for design & production

Instant & accurate

Accurate data for the entire supply and production chain up to your sales process.
Instant & accurate

Data directly from the supplier

Original data, which is set up and checked by supplier.
Data directly from the supplier

Integrated data service

Available directly for multiple software solutions*.

*based on software technology by imos AG
Integrated data service

Normed, ordered & checked

Easily find the right products including accessories.
Normed, ordered & checked

Cloud availability

  • 24/7
  • Extended data storage
  • Always up-to-date
Cloud availability

Efficiency from design to production


Data supply

The supplier provides data of its latest products.

    Processing & Integration

    iFurn checks the information and prepares them to be used in a uniform data format. This is followed by expansion of logics, machinings and accessory information.

    Basic data

    Basic information such as text and item numbers in different languages help to sort and find and facilitate clean communication.


    Fittings and systems are oriented, positioned and transmit drilling patterns to adjoining parts.


    Attached photos and videos show design and function.


    Features, accessories and product dependencies implement any complex product relationships.

    CAD data

    3D data for use in the computer aided design systems.


    The stored products are displayed in realistic materials and textures.

    Data usage

    The data is requested from multiple systems and used by the user for planning, design, production and sales.