iFurn Composer - efficient designs with intelligent fitting selection

Finding the right fitting for the design can be a tricky task. Often, many pages of printed catalogs from individual suppliers have to be searched through and the fitting data then manually entered into CAD. This is not only time-consuming, but can also be a source of errors.

The solution is called iFurn Composer

The iFurn Composer puts an end to the time-consuming search for the right fitting. The configurator offers an intelligent fitting selection in the form of a web solution:

Designers describe a design situation online in the browser to find a fitting solution for it. First, an area of the furniture is segmented and defined in more detail by specifying a few parameters.

The iFurn Composer offers matching fittings, drawers, etc. from the iFurn Cloud for selection to these parameters. The iFurn Composer processes the selection and gives the designers a combination of the articles with all information incl. processing data as a result via iFurn anyCAD.

All helpful and necessary data is included in the download:

  • Commercial data
  • Technical data for correct installation
  • Drawings for the representation and renderings
  • Accessories/sets for combinatorics


Efficient designs

A configured fitting saves the designer an enormous amount of time and still provides him with reliable data, which he can then even pass on digitally in his environment without having to do anything else manually.

Even unusual design specifications can be implemented quickly and conveniently.

iFurn Composer in use