iFurn is the cloud service for your supplier data

Digitalization can be so simple.

The future is that all components of a piece of furniture can be processed digitally. iFurn is the only cloud service that offers an easy way to provide fitting data digitally and thus supports the digital workflow in furniture production. 

iFurn is not only an online platform but also a component of the imos iX software solution, which is used by over 4,000 furniture and interior design manufacturers in 83 countries worldwide.

Be simply digital

You can provide a broad portfolio of data in digital form – e.g. connectors, materials, hardware systems, lighting and built-in devices. We analyze your product data based on your product portfolio and create a data focus. Depending on the product group and type of goods, we provide you with individual functional manufacturer data.

Use the possibilities and benefits that iFurn offers you:

iFurn Catalog

iFurn prepares the product data in an understandable way and presents it attractively on the online platform, also in several languages. The interface iFurn Catalog gives the user access to all available digital products.

iFurn Composer

With the iFurn fitting selection, designers can find fittings for a specific design situation, including accessories. It is called up via iFurn anyCAD or iFurn iX from imos.

iFurn anyCAD

Export CAD data: The selected data records of the memory list can be converted and downloaded into more than 30 CAD formats.


Materials and textures are represented nearly realistically and are suitable as a basis for the creation of photorealistic images.


Pictures and videos show design and function, while complex product relationships are shown via features, accessories and product dependencies.


Thanks to the digital cloud service, your data is available around the clock and always up to date - because product modifications can be made very easily.

Provide a special customer service

iFurn is the only cloud service that offers a simple way to provide fitting data digitally and thus supports the digital workflow in furniture production. Enable optimal processes for producers: Systematically integrate your product data so that the producer can optimize his processes from production to design and sales. Via iFurn you can make original data including visualization and processing information always available in a cloud. Users are notified about product modifications and are therefore always up to date.

Providing and using product data has never been so easy!

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