Creation of your product data in iFurn

iFurn not only prepares your product data digitally, but also presents it in a targeted and comprehensible way in several languages. Features, accessories and product dependencies also illustrate complex product relations. 

The output of the data is carried out including edits, logics and functions. The data structure for furniture fittings contains information for realistic movement, while the surface information allows the creation of photorealistic images. iFurn supports all common CAD formats.

Data is created for the interface iFurn Catalog on and for the iFurn Composer, the fitting selection integrated in the CAD system imos iX. Designers can access their data via both. The online assistant iFurn anyCAD supports the iFurn Catalog and also extends the data search options for designers with all common CAD programs.

How will your products become digital?

You provide data of your newest products. iFurn takes over the preparation in the required format for you - i.e. iFurn checks the information and prepares it for use in a uniform data format. This is followed by extensions to include logic, processing and accessory information:

  • Header data Basic information such as texts and article numbers in different languages help to sort and find and enable clean communication.
  • Machining Fittings and systems are oriented, positioned and inherit drilling patterns to adjacent components.
  • Multimedia Attached images and videos show design and function.
  • Characteristics Features, accessories and product dependencies form complex product relations.
  • CAD data 3D data for use in the design system.
  • Visualizations The deposited products are displayed in realistic materials and textures.

The effort of data preparation depends on your article. The articles prepared in iFurn are therefore divided into the three categories Concept, System and Component:


The category Concept includes i.a.:

  • Hinges
  • Drawer systems
  • Flap fittings
  • Sliding door systems

Digitalized iFurn data for fittings, e.g. in iFurn Composer include:

  • Standard information for CAD/CAM systems: Header data, CAD model, characteristics, machining
  • Extended information for online solutions, configurators and online product catalogues: Accessories, set features


The category System includes freely placeable purchased parts, such as:

  • Light, switch and smart home systems
  • Consoles, hooks, holders
  • Sinks, devices, accessories
  • Niche and furniture elements

Digitalized iFurn data for light in the iFurn Catalog include:

  • Standard information for CAD/CAM systems: Header data, CAD model, colours/textures, operations
  • Extended information for multimedia links in product catalogues, renderings and CAD/CAM systems: Set features, light visualization


The category Component includes i.a.:

  • Plate and carrier material
  • Surfaces
  • Edges and profiles

Digitalized iFurn data for material in the iFurn Catalog include:

  • Standard information for CAD systems: Header data, CAD model, commercial data, accessories
  • Extended information for multimedia links in product catalogues, renderings, cabinet and technical product configurators

The exact costs for the data installation creation can be found in our price list.
You would like to request a price list or get further information? Please feel free to contact us!

iFurn data in use

The digital iFurn data is retrieved by various systems and used by designers for planning, design, production and sales.

iFurn Catalog

The iFurn Catalog is an interface that filters, sorts and lists the supplier data you are looking for. It is called up via the online platform on or from the CAD system imos iX. The designer has access to all digital products available online – even in different languages.

Functions & data output:

  • Full text search
  • Hierarchical category tree
  • Memory list
  • Download your manufacturer catalogue
  • Specifying and searching in a category
  • Saving individual fittings

iFurn Composer

With the iFurn Composer fitting selection, designers can find fittings for a specific design situation, including accessories. All necessary data is provided with the download:

  • Commercial data such as parts and order lists
  • Technical data for correct installation
  • Drawings for presentation and renderings
  • Accessories/sets for combinatorics

Functions and data output:

  • Access via iFurn anyCAD or from imos iX
  • Design related selection
  • Dynamic generation of data (connector sets)
  • Download in over 30 CAD formats

iFurn anyCAD*

The online assistant iFurn anyCAD supports the iFurn Catalog in the product search and enables

  • Use of the iFurn Composer fitting selection
  • Putting together fitting assemblies
  • Output to any CAD format
  • Finish placing fittings in the room
  • Output of edits

If the articles were compiled using iFurn anyCAD, the following models can be exported in addition to the detached CAD models:

  • Combined CAD model of all fittings
  • All machining in another CAD model

* in preparation

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