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The digital iFurn data is complex and versatile. They provide a wealth of information and offer a wide range of possible applications – even beyond CAD design.

Fittings - More than just CAD

This is how complex the digital product data is available to users. The data supplied by iFurn is nevertheless clear and easy to use. They fit effortlessly into the design and make it considerably easier.

Material - More than just a picture

Users of industry and CAD software need more information than "just" a nice picture when using materials, surfaces and edges. Here iFurn provides the necessary information, from the manufacturer's article number to the dimensions.

Actual state of the furniture industry

Target state of the furniture industry

Digital data in use

iFurn data is already used in many different areas – in online catalogs, configurators or manufacturer catalogs.

Manufacturer catalogs

With the iFurn Design Catalog complete manufacturer catalogs can be distributed. The iFurn Design Catalog is particularly interesting for furniture manufacturers who connect their CAD software to other software systems (e.g. ERP systems).

The iFurn Design Catalog is available to users who use imos-based software systems:

Furniture configurators from furniture suppliers

The iFurn Composer provides data in furniture configurators, for example

Fitting selection for design

The situational fitting selection based on a design is available to users of imos-based software systems:

CAD users

CAD users in the furniture industry benefit from iFurn anyCAD, which converts selected data sets from the iFurn Catalog memory list into over 30 CAD formats and makes them available for download.


Third-party applications

Third-party applications with fitting selection using iFurn data are for example

Components configurator

The iFurn Composer can be found in component configurators such as

Online catalogs

The iFurn Catalog can be used as a standalone solution in online catalogs.


Online design systems

An online design system using iFurn is

Furniture configurators from furniture manufacturers

iFurn is also used in online sales solutions with imos iX NET.


iFurn in operation

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